Quality Assurance

Quality Control Lab

There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing starting from raw cotton to finished yarn.

In conformance with industry norms worldwide, the company has established laboratory facilities at each unit, equipped with ultra-modern testing instruments.


PREMIER The Quality Expert provides a total quality measurement of Yarn, Roving and Sliver. It equips the user with the knowledge of highlighting the exceptions during testing which prompts the user to look into the specific areas of deviation from standard etc.


Tensile tester for yarn ,lea and fabric.
Premier tensomaxx the automatic tensile testing equipment provides critical knowledge on important tensile properties. Amoung the typical end use of yarn , each industries vis. Knitting , weaving, sewing thread application demands specific tensile properties.

Premier HFT High Volume Cotton Tester

Proven High Volume Cotton Tester
PREMIER HFT, the proven high volume Cotton tester uses USDA Calibration Cotton to assure international standards of precision and accuracy. Length information is reported in Mean length mode popularly practiced across the industry from Ginners, Traders to Spinners and also in Span length mode covering short, medium, long and ELS varieties. The independent module testing of Length, Strength, Micronaire, Colour enables flexibililty in choosing the right combination of report for extensive use on a daily basis

Premier Aqura -2

The most accurate Raw material & process management system.

Mag auto yarn count & csp tester

ComboData DXT § A combined CSP system consists of AutoStretch – Automatic Lea Strength Tester includes single yarn test module (Tenacity). SpinSoft – Preparatory, spinning analytics and post spinning software. Electronic Balance with 0.001g accuracy. Computer with Printer

Mag compu twist

Common Features Operating principle : Direct counting and single & multiple untwist - retwist methods. Direct TPI / TPM results in LCD display. Unique pre-tension arrangements with adjustable gauge length upto 20 inches or 50 cm. Silent and integrated motor operation with auto stop system for precise measurement. Measurement of twist parameter applied on single, ply and open end yarns.

Mag auto winder

EleTrash Table top model for trash separation by gravimetric method with buoyancy technique. Provision to measure Trash, Lint, Dust and Micro-dust individually. Flexible sample size of 50 to 100 grams. Enhanced blower arrangement ensures noise free operation & long life of motor.


To produce the cleanliness of yarn, requires a clean environment that free from dust and other particles which can compromise the evenness and other essential properties of the yarn. Only through air-filters, automated vacuum cleaners, and special working outfit, cleanliness production floor can be maintained. We also installed with special high-tech-air-conditioning system with air filtering from Switzerland.

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